Pedestal Systems

Diamond Head Series™

Diamond Head Series AWS™ Pedestal System just got better with the Diamond Head™ Series. The adjustable pedestal consists of two main components, bottom caps and a thread-able top cap which threads into a bottom cap and allows for a 7/8” of adjustment. All of our top shims lock with the Diamond Head Series pedestal to fine tune support and eliminate “Rockers”. With the AWS™ system, we have products that allow anywhere from 1/8” – 36” of height accommodation. Strong, affordable, and simple. View detailed information (pdf)

Joist Plate™ System

Joist Plate System Tired of maintaining that old wood deck against the sun and weather? The AWS™ Joist Plate™ System is a new answer to an age-old problem. Durable, versatile pavers as a deck surface will stand the test of time. View detailed information (pdf)

Perimeter Pedestal

Perimeter Pedestal

Your project deserves a more professional edge piece. AWS™ Pedestal System now brings the answer to these difficult edging dilemmas with our new Perimeter Pedestal™. It snaps together similarly to the full pedestal system and to its component shim pieces. Always innovating, we strive to meet all the requirements of paving installations. AWS™ is the complete pedestal system for your needs.

View detailed information (pdf)